Day 1

It’s the end of my first day completely GMO free and I’m tired.  I’m frustrated by our food system, overwhelmed by consumers blindness, furious at the scientists who know better but fear their jobs and reputations, and yet I feel somehow cleansed, empowered, grounded, and my experience with food today has been in a way… spiritual.  I see my body differently, and its responding to the new appreciation. My cravings seem to have subsided and since the options are so limited my eyes are no longer drawn to all the previous possibilities for instant gratification.  I took a few weeks to work into this and have been reducing my GMO intake by quite a bit but the little things I’ve let slide… like cheese and butter, and the biggest cheat… eating out. It’s all done, over, finished and fuck it feels good.

But I need to come back to the frustration because it’s there and significant. WHY is it such a challenge to find food with intact DNA? WHY has our country allowed this experiment to take over our food supply? This food is what gives us life! WHY am I the one who gets the weird looks when I ask if an item is genetically modified or organic? WHY isn’t GM labeled and ostracized instead of the real food which is now reduced to being labeled “USDA Organic”.  High fructose corn syrup has been proven to illicit the same addictive behavioral reactions as COCAINE.  I have yet to see a carrot alter the a nations educational and health care system the same way this product has.

I was grabbing a few things from Whole Foods yesterday and decided to go for a coffee. As it turns out they had no organic coffee or milk available. How is this ok? The largest sustainably sourced grocery still has rGBH milk as the primary option for their customers! While in Trader Joe’s I inquired about whether the dairy was also non-GMO… if the cows were GMO grain fed? They didn’t know and it turns out the sourcing of Trader Joe’s line of foods is kept quite the secret.  So the bottom line is WE WON’T KNOW WHAT’S IN OUR FOOD UNLESS WE GROW IT OURSELVES.

I’m falling asleep nourished, satisfied and increasingly astounded by what we’ve come to allow on our plates.


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